In an era, where the consumer is turning internet savvy with his buying pattern getting influenced by e-commerce,m-commerce and digital media, Brick and mortar stores haven’t changed much in the way they do their business.There is an increasing gap in the retail ecosystem where consumer is unaware of product catalogue of retail stores before he physically visits the store and Retailers too not able to run online stores parallely. Thereby , they are failing to attract consumers to their stores .With an aim to bridge the gap in the retail ecosystem, Shoppercrux has built a seamless technology platform which allows brick and mortar stores do business online without shifting their focus from offline commerce. For a Retailer, Shopper crux is :

• A omni-channel platform where his store is displayed as a virtual online store

• A channel to stay Connected/ Communicate / Advertise / Market / Promote their stores digitally online to his neighborhood customers

• A business associate which helps to understand customer preferences and create customised offers and drive footfalls

For a Consumer, Shopper crux is :

• A platform which gives convenience to visit his neighborhood store virtually, browse through the catalogue and buy via online with ease

• A service which hunts best offers from his favorite brands and stores based on his preferences

• A network which connects socially with other consumers, get and share reviews, product and offer updates Our mission is to create a Business Networking (B2C) platform for every business player to become online & establish trust worthy connection between Business Player / Service Provider & Consumer. 

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