1. What is ShopperCrux?

ShopperCrux is a passion online e-commerce platform with a technology soul which will provide an opportunity for every seller to advertise / market / promote their stores digitally. We help creating virtual online store for every individual shop and bring them online for online shopping.

We are powered by a transformative business model, proprietary technology, and some of the smartest people on earth, were trying to position ourselves to challenge old & new online shopping systems and rewrite new rules to help all small, medium and large scale business players to be online & sell all their offers to people stay nearby them.

By giving people a remarkable access to all the offers in the shops nearby, we’re changing the meaning of ownership — and revolutionizing retail in the process.

For a Retailer, Shopper crux is :

• A omni-channel platform where his store is displayed as a virtual online store

• A channel to stay Connected/ Communicate / Advertise / Market / Promote their stores digitally online to his neighborhood customers

• A business associate which helps to understand customer preferences and create customised offers and drive footfalls

For a Consumer, Shopper crux is :

• A platform which gives convenience to visit his neighborhood store virtually, browse through the catalogue and buy via online with ease

• A service which hunts best offers from his favorite brands and stores based on his preferences

• A network which connects socially with other consumers, get and share reviews, product and offer updates.

Our mission is to create a Business Networking (B2C) platform for every business player to become online & establish trust worthy connection between Business Player / Service Provider & Consumer.

2. How this will benefit to any Seller?

  • You can leverage this platform to advertise / Market / Promote your stores & offers running in your store digitally.
  • Dynamically you can update all your offers / services on your own, at your fingertips to change
  • 100% connect with all local buyers nearby
  • Helps to enhance your business
  •  Reeduce Marketing Cost through out Digital Marketing option
  •  Business Expansion

3. How this will benefit to buyer?

  •  Able to see all the fellow sellers & their offers, services online, at your finger tips
  •  Do online shopping with your known fellow sellers
  •  100% connect with your fellow Sellers
  • Find out stores, offers, products &; services in other stores & other locations
  •  Attractive discounts from us.

4. What any buyer / User has to do?

  •  Be Local… Shop Local….
  •  Write us on contactus@shoppercrux.com to bring your known fellow seller Online 

5. What is my Eligibility criteria? How can I use ShopperCrux?

  •  You should be having a mobile number with internet and should be above 18yrs of age.
  •  You can use ShopperCrux through a simple Gmail / Facebook / any of your personal email id signup
  • Login to the ShopperCrux app or website with your mobile number and access great offers in your nearby Outlets
  •  You will also get special coupons to get more attractive discounts. You will get points on every time you shop through ShopperCrux and also you can refer friends to earn more points. Be sure that you will earn every time you spend.

6. Is it compulsory to have the ShopperCrux app?

No its not compulsory. But there are some obvious advantages if you have the app!

  •  Get all the Shops & their offers, services of nearby Outlets at your fingertips
  •  Manage your ShopperCrux account (Points earned & redeemed across Outlets)
  •  Stay updated about latest offers from all the retailers. As new retailers keep joining the program, their offers will be instantly available to you.

7. How do customers without Smartphone get to know about retailer offers?

  •  You can alternatively visit our website www.shoppercrux.com .
  •  You will also receive updated emails and customised reward offers once you update all your preferences with us.

8. Are there any joining fees to become a part of ShopperCrux?

  •  No. It’s FREE and will always be free for all buyers.
  •  However, for Sellers / Reatilers / Stores, we will charge very minimal to bring them online and display all offers online to users. Please contact us for further clarifications

9. What is the process to on-board my store / become an online seller with ShopperCrux?

Login in to www.shoppercrux.com & submit form as a seller. Our Business Development Executive will reach out to complete the registration process. Else please write an email to us @ contactus@shoppercrux.com Or info@shoppercrux.com , our BDE team will call you and physically visit your shop and help you in person on-boarding your store and provide you with the ease access to your online store.

10. What is the process to update offers running in my store  &; what is the benefit for the store by registering with ShopperCrux?

ShopperCrux will help you in creating a virtual store for every seller, where you can log-in and upload all the offers you have in your store. What any store / retailer / seller will get with ShopperCrux is , 100% connect with Buyers, 100% flexibility to upload all offers by themselves, 100% flexibility to define the product price & the discount price, 0% commission on the product.